Friday, April 22, 2011


Ever since I came home from Europe I have been feeling a little unsettled.  I think I am basically just bored with life which I suppose is normal when you go gallivanting around Europe for a month then have to come home and go back to work.  After a holiday like that normal life can seem a bit boring.   I am beginning to get a bit bored with our house too but since we don't want to buy a house until after the wedding I have had to deal with my boredom in some other ways.  We have decided to redecorate our bedroom which we are in the process of doing so stay tuned for photos when we finally get that sorted.  I have also been feeling a bit blah about my appearance so in order to fix that I have been trying out new hairstyles and putting more effort into my outfits.  I have also been regularly painting my nails to make myself feel a little more put together.  Here is one outfit from the past week...


I bought this vintage shirtdress just before we went overseas from Thrush on etsy.  She has a great shop so if you are in the market for some vintage threads be sure to pop over and check it out.  I have also become addicted to youtube and the hair tutorial videos on there.  I have also seen a few pop up on the blogs I read lately.  Here are two I tried out recently....

Fishtail Braids using this video on Grosgrain

Quick Updo using this video on Skunkboy Creatures

A lot of the times I watch these videos and think those hairstyles are so easy why didn't I think of them.  Sometimes I think we just need a little reminder of new ways to do things rather than getting stuck in our routine of doing things the same way everyday.  I think I also need to get back into the sewing room to ease this feeling of unsettledness I have.  But my sewing room is a mess so hopefully over this 5 day long weekend I will get a chance to tidy it up and get in there and do some sewing.  I have 2 projects already cut out so all I need to do is sew them up.  And just to end on a positive note...


How freaking cute is Corey's brothers new puppy!!!!!


Misfits Vintage said...

Post-holiday restlessness and boredom is totally normal. Of course real life is boring after the adventure of travel! It'll pass.

Good for you for trying some new frocks and dos... more pics please!

Is that puppy eating a huge cake???

Sarah xxx

Erin said...

Hello lovely Kat,
I can totally understand the feeling of unsettlement after a trip away. I think for me, the familiarity of home can sometimes be boring, because you're so settled into what life looks like there, that everything is routine and you dont often step outside of what you know. I think lots of people (myself included) get easily addicted to the whirlwind unpredictableness to travel, the excitement of being in a new place everyday, seeing new sights, keeping life exciting. I need to remember to look for that excitement in my own backyard sometimes too.
Seems like theres quite a few people in blogland feeling a bit blargh about their appearance (again, myself included :S) perhaps it's the time of year? You look so fabulous in that darling dress, i have to tell you you have nothing at all to worry about! The colour looks so lovely against your dark hair :)
I hope you feel better soon :) That puppy is so cute!
Thanks for posting!

Camelia Crinoline said...

I love the dress. I suppose coming back to real life can seem kind of boring after travelling all over Europe.
That puppy is so cute.

By the way, I passed on an award to you on my blog.

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

love the fishtail braid! i'm sorry you feel bored, i hope it all sorts itself out soon. x hivenn